June 7, 2021

MMC DESIGN References Greek Mythology for Springair Office & Exhibition Space

Concrete forms create boundaries throughout the Springair Office & Exhibition Space.  Photography by David.

In Greek mythology, the heroine Ariadne helps her lover Theseus escape from the Labyrinth using an inventive technique—a ball of thread. It’s this climactic moment that Chen Linping and his team at MMC DESIGN referenced when creating the rich red work bench that ripples through the Springair Office & Exhibition Space in Hangzhou, China. “Red represents vigor and vitality,” Linping shares, “it also stands for the pure of heart.” The team at MMC DESIGN constructed the space with geometric features such as archways as well as brutalist cement blocks to create a cave-like ambiance in an entirely gray palette—making the work bench standout even more. Linping shares that “the lighting endows the entire space with a restrained, calming, deep and isolated feeling,” which he hopes will immerse visitors in a dreamy, spatial experience.

Gray terrazzo courtesy of Guo Xidong adds subtle detail to the monochromatic space. Photography by Pan Jie.
An informal conference room is tucked away in an open area of the corridor. Photography by David.
Solid yet geometric forms are integral to all areas of the space. Photography by Pan Jie.
Classical linear patterns, mimicking those found in Greek columns, are incorporated into the space. Photography by Wang Qing. 
The reflections from the mirrored sphere in a corridor reference the maze-like design of the labyrinth. Photography by Pan Jie.

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