January 10, 2020

Moncler Marina Bay by Curiosity: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Innovation

Baby, it’s cold outside. But bringing the heat in fashion and forward-looking design is Moncler, the ne plus ultra of puffer jackets. For the brand’s 6,400-square-foot flagship in the Asia-Pacific region, located within the Safdie Architects–designed Marina Bay Sands casino resort in Singapore, Curiosity president Gwenael Nicolas interpreted the quilting forming Moncler’s classic down coat in black marble.

Photography by Alessandra Chemollo.

A heavy stone to stand in for lightweight down? You bet, and the 132 pieces of Spanish Nero Marquina marble covering the shop’s three-story front facade are seemingly every bit as light and floaty. That’s because the stones have been cut, shaped, and polished so they are not totally square but instead gently curved, almost beveled if you will. The same goes for their back sides, which helps to reduce the stone’s weight. The finished result has created highly recognizable branding that stands out within the resort’s mall. 

Inside, Nicolas and his team embraced an iceberg vibe, channeling the label’s Alpine roots through white fir and creamy marble.

Photography by Alessandra Chemollo.

Project Team: Shinya Inobe; Silvio Vinella.

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