January 6, 2020

Most Popular Project Roundups of 2019

Interior Design‘s editors see thousands of photos each year of projects from all around the world and sometimes we notice a cool trend—such as stadium seating in offices—or simply a lot of gorgeous living rooms or sleek and modern kitchens. Here are the project roundups we compiled in 2019 that were the most popular with our online readers.

22 Cool & Captivating Hotel Lobbies

A hotel lobby’s design can make or break a first impression. Whether it’s a grand staircase or a bold sculpture, the decor undoubtedly sets the tone for the rest of the guest experience. These 22 hotel lobbies captivate without going overboard. See the entire roundup

15 Luxurious Living Rooms

Get comfortable without sacrificing style in these elegant living rooms. See the entire roundup

25 Sustainable Projects Leading the Way in Green Design

Sustainability is more important than ever and is on its way to becoming a standard in architecture, but LEED certification is only the beginning. These projects prove that green design is good for all. See the entire roundup

20 Sleek & Modern Kitchens

Minimal and industrial-inspired kitchens set the scene for seamless food preparation. That’s what they’re designed for anyway, right? Here are 20 pared-down kitchens that combine simplicity and sophistication. See the entire roundup

15 Simply Amazing Wood Interiors

These projects—which range from a movie theater and a wine shop to a noodle house and corporate headquarters—make exceptional use of wood elements. See the entire roundup

10 Modern-Rustic Weekend Houses in the Country

Hot summers in the city get old pretty fast, so having a weekend house in the country is a luxury. But that doesn’t mean that luxury can’t be rustic. Here are 10 residences that are stunning in their get-away-from-it-all simplicity. See the entire roundup

15 Small Spaces with Big Impact

Forget the McMansion. Creativity abounds with a lack of square footage. Despite their size, these small residential and hospitality spaces have charm in spades—and big impact. See the entire roundup

15 Office Projects with Stadium Seating

Stadium seating adds playfulness and versatility to office projects big and small. See the entire roundup

11 Stunning Spiral Staircases

If any architectural element knows how to make a statement, it’s this one. Check out these 11 stunning spiral staircases in houses, apartments, offices, and retail and hospitality projects around the globe. See the entire roundup

15 Simply Amazing Murals

Creativity shines in these eye-catching walls that showcase color, texture, and attitude. See the entire roundup

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