October 1, 2020

Mòz Designs Introduces Dynamic Acrylic Partitions into its Portfolio

Suspended dividers offer the best of both worlds when it comes to privacy and visibility by defining zones for diners without obstructing the overall view of the space. Photography courtesy of Mòz Designs. 

With roots in Silicon Valley, servicing clients like Amazon and Google while collaborating with design firms such as Gensler and Perkins and Will, Mòz Designs has mastered the art of unique design solutions. Over the last 30 years, the metal manufacturer has become an industry leader in creating innovative columns, wall panels, and room dividers using the latest technologies to create dynamic perforated and laser cut patterns. Now Mòz Designs‘ offers designers a new variety of options with its recently introduced line of acrylic barriers that feature the brand’s signature craft techniques and artistic inspirations in a new medium.

Mòz Designs cites the cool tones and bespeckled leaf illustration of A80 as a popular pattern amongst their clientele. Photography courtesy of Mòz Designs.

“We thought a lot about how our hospitality clients are going to redraw floor plans,” explains Linda Gutierrez, director of marketing at Mòz Designs, noting that COVID-19 made the need for transparent dividers even more apparent. In order to safely designate different spaces while facilitating communication, the design team sought to combine protection with beauty. Now, 11 out of 16 new designs released in Mòz Designs’ Divider Collection are original conceptions for the acrylic medium. The clear material allows for playful and colorful designs to standout while maintaining visibility throughout the space. 

The timeless patterns and colors offered with acrylic wall dividers enable them to remain an integral part of a given environment for years to come . Photography courtesy of Mòz Designs.   

Staying true to its artistic roots in style and form, Mòz Designs integrated the lifeworks and patterns of their metal dividers, created using engraving and laser cut technologies, onto their new acrylic products. Highly customizable, Gutierrez explains that “we can dial into specific color tones,” for clients who want to see exact brand colors or inspiration shades reflected in the design. Effects can also be layered, such as adding a color gradient to a textural design and backlighting, while specific graphics like logos and images also can be imprinted or digitally projected onto the acrylic screens.

The illusionary and geometric A30 pattern offers an eye-catching contrast next to transparent and frosted acrylic wall panels. Photography courtesy of Mòz Designs.  

To ensure dividers fit seamlessly into a given space, Mòz Designs offers dividers mounted by posts, cable, or in a frame—each suitable for a light-touch application, creating a room-dividing statement. With minimal hardware and optimal cleanability, each meticulously crafted acrylic barrier by Mòz Designs enables designers to create and facilitate safe yet collaborative spaces.

At a Texas health resources center, versatile Divider panels are featured as an accent wall behind the main reception desk and also separate employee desks. Photography courtesy of Mòz Designs. 

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