June 7, 2021

MS Estudio Designs a Minimalist Bookstore in Mexico City

The central table is developed as a large exhibition piece that exaggerates the depth of the space. Photography by Camila Cossio. 

If each book offers a new adventure within its pages, so too should the store that sells them. At least, that’s the approach MS Estudio founder María Santibáñez took when designing La Increíble, a bookstore 

in the La Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. Referencing the aesthetic of a traditional library, Santibáñez and her team infused the space with natural wood and neutral hues, enabling the colorful book bindings to shine. “This bookstore was interesting because we didn’t want to lose the essence of a library, but at the same time we had to make it contemporary,” shares Santibáñez, noting the minimalist interior. 

Once inside, La Increíble envelopes visitors within its cubelike structure, from the grid of maple wood planks that line the ceiling to the full-length shelves and expansive central table. “Just as you enter a book and it immerses you, we wanted the perception of the space to be the same—a bookstore that made you feel as if inside an incredible world,” she adds. The bookshelves even feature built-in resting nooks, tucked out of sight, for the ultimate reading experience. “We always wanted to design a bookstore because we love books, so it was a dream project,” says Santibáñez. A fitting description for a space that houses pages upon pages of dreamscape yet to be discovered. 

A polished concrete floor adds austerity and also melds into a simple bar at the back of the space. Photography by Camila Cossio. 
Built-in resting spaces invite visitors to pause and indulge in a book or two. Photography by Camila Cossio. 
Oversized bulbs add yet another visual layer to the ceiling installation. Photography by Camila Cossio. 
The exterior features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Photography by Camila Cossio. 

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