August 17, 2021

MXCF Architekci Designs Red Bull’s Warsaw Office

As a brand, the energy drink Red Bull is associated with speed, adrenaline, and “extreme” sports. So how does that translate to a workplace? There’s no dirt bike jumps or skateboard ramps inside, but Red Bull’s Warsaw office, designed by MXCF Architekci, is still undeniably cool.

It’s housed in a 1960s industrial building that itself was built within the ramparts of a 19th-century fort. The use of plywood and glass compliments the structure’s natural airiness and abundant natural light, with quiet workspaces interspersed throughout a generally open-plan layout. To mellow out the office’s acoustics, plastered ceilings were applied to the existing slabs. It’s all done in service of their most important directive: the health and well-being of Red Bull’s employees.

An aluminum backdrop behind the reception desk recalls the energy drink’s aluminum cans and an installation called Wave of Energy swoops above. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 
Birch plywood is the primary material of the office’s woodworking. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 
Suspended mezzanines for quiet work are clad in black sheet metal and lined with plywood. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 
The basement-level cafeteria and game room has a large green wall. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 
Vintage-style soft seating and rugs were chosen to create an informal atmosphere in leisure areas. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 
Two office floors are finished with new white marble terrazzo. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 
Battens of natural oak provide a textural detail. Photography by Nate Cook Photography. 

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