April 23, 2019

Mykita’s New SoHo Flagship Blends Handcraft and High-Tech

The in-house team repurposed heavy-duty shelving supports into the bright display wall. Photography courtesy of Mykita.

Berlin-based Mykita arrived with aplomb on Crosby Street in 2014, but its new SoHo location nearby on Broome Street proves the sunglass and eye-frame specialist’s future is even sunnier than expected. The two-floor, 1,590-square-foot flagship juxtaposes space-age white walls and neon with industrial red steel and warm oak.

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Steel benches carry on the industrial, red-coated aesthetic. Photography courtesy of Mykita.

Designed in-house, the interiors “reflect the way handcraft and high-tech are brought together in our products,” says founder and creative director Moritz Krüger, “but it also draws from New York City itself and the way this city brings together ultra-modern architecture with, for example, Tudor revival or Victorian.”

A custom oak desk with a neon logo warms up the cool white space. Photography courtesy of Mykita.

Repurposed airline trolleys and eye-popping display walls house the brand’s collaborations with Maison Margiela, Martine Rose, and many others. In a nod to the previous location, Krüger says, “we took the neon installation from the ceiling with us. The neon graphic that makes me think of James Turrell now sits on the wall right by the consultation area,” which he calls “the heart of the shop” in the heart of SoHo.

Repurposed airplane trolleys serve as additional storage, tucked into a custom oak counter. Photography courtesy of Mykita.
The laboratory sits within a frame of powder-coated steel and oak. Photography courtesy of Mykita.
The Mykita Wall glows through the windows of the boutique’s historic SoHo location. Photography courtesy of Mykita.

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