November 1, 2019

Natural Quartz Surfaces Never Looked So Good

      1. Cambria can be uniquely applied to provide a striking focal point in any space, as shown with the Myddleton™ reception desk and wall cladding. Photography courtesy of Cambria. 

Innovation drives design. So it’s no surprise that Cambria, an industry leading manufacturer of top-quality quartz surfaces, is on the cutting edge when it comes to inspired interior surface applications. “We love working with designers who inspire us to find new ways to use our product,” says MacKenzie Weldon, vice president of corporate partnerships at Cambria. “From product design innovation to one-of-a-kind applications, we never say no to customers when they ask us to push the limits on how to use our surfaces. We gladly accept the challenge and work with them to transform their space or project in ways they never thought possible.”

Given Cambria’s high quality, vast design palette, and versatile applications for flooring, furniture, wall cladding, and more, its portfolio is a popular choice among designers looking for new alternatives to granite and marble. Wheldon explains why: “Starting with the purest natural quartz and American craftsmanship, we are able to create top-quality surfaces with the classic allure of marble or granite, along with trend-setting contemporary designs no one else can achieve. All while far surpassing granite and marble with superior maintenance-free convenience and unmatched durability for use in even the busiest locations.” 

Here are some ways Cambria succeeds in transforming hospitality and workplace interiors.

      1. Fireplaces present a great opportunity to add visual appeal to a place where people naturally gather. This Annicca™ installation invites visitors to pull up a chair in the lobby of the Marriott Columbus University Area hotel in Ohio. Photography courtesy of Cambria.

The unmatched durability of Cambria quartz surfaces makes them an ideal choice for flooring in high-traffic areas, such as busy restaurants and bars. Pictured is Roxwell™ flooring in the Pittsburgh Pirates stadium. Photography courtesy of Cambria. 


Combining elegance with maintenance-free convenience, Cambria is an ideal choice for unique furniture applications.  Enwork features a light-scale Brittanicca™ top on their Equilibrium Table—a true engineering feat which makes Cambria appear to float as it extends from an asymmetrical cantilever base. Photography courtesy of Cambria. 

      1. For wall cladding, Cambria uses special fabrication techniques to create thin surfaces that reduce weight without sacrificing the superior innate strength of quartz. Here Cambria’s Ella™ is featured at the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche Pepsi Center Club. Photography courtesy of Cambria.

Lighting has the capacity to shift the entire mood of a space. Backlighting Cambria surfaces infuses an extra layer of drama, creating an intriguing accent or elegant centerpiece as demonstrated by this reception desk featuring Skara Brae™. Photography courtesy of Cambria.

Regardless of how or where Cambria is used, designers can choose from an expansive assortment of selections to elegantly complement any style or taste, from traditional to cutting-edge contemporary to the timeless allure of classic stone.

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