June 12, 2019

NetApp Takes Center Stage in New Experience Center and Office by Studio O+A

A cloud of curved LED panels greets visitors in the lobby of NetApp’s Sunnyvale offices. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

The data management company NetApp provides services for famous companies including Boeing, Dreamworks, and Coca-Cola, but hadn’t attracted a similar level of fame for itself. When it came time for a 38,000-square-foot experience center and headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, however, NetApp saw an opportunity to step onto the stage. Enter Studio O+A.

The mini-theater features a custom banquette with upholstery by Maharam, which also fabricated the curtains. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

“We found their modest focus on perfecting their product away from the spotlight inspiring,” says Studio O+A’s senior designer Dani Gelfand, “and we echoed it in the support spaces. The lounge and study spaces here are as carefully thought-out as the showcased technology.”

Cafe tables by West Coast Industries offer views of the interactive flipdisc wall. Photography by Garrett Rowland.

And equally as innovative. “No one on the team had ever done anything like ‘the cloud,’ a circular theater made of curved LED panels,” says Gelfand. “And the glowing ceiling over the break-out space that we created with Monster Route has angular forms that were so large in reality, but when mounted on the ceiling and illuminated became so light and almost dreamy. They make the space feel day-lit at all hours.” Even, you might say, spot-lit and ready to greet an audience.  

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Below the breakout space’s glowing light boxes, created with Monster RouteArper chairs and Patricia Urquiola for Morosco sofa come together on a Kasthall rug. Photography by Garrett Rowland.
Elm slats wall of the theater, with seating by Sedia and carpet tile by Interface. Photography by Garrett Rowland.
In the private dining space, a Rich Brilliant Willing pendant illuminates the custom live edge Elm and steel dining table and Hans Wegner seating. Photography by Garrett Rowland.
Custom steel and elm shelving line the cafe, with dining tables by e15 and Knoll executive side chairs. Photography by Garrett Rowland.
The team painted custom graphics across the ceilings, wall, and polished concrete floors; the custom elm seating below the Workstead pendant is covered in Maharam leather. Photography by Garrett Rowland. 

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