February 12, 2019

New in Europe: 10 Recent Design Projects

Europe has a range of interior aesthetics, from historically accurate to modernly abstract—and sometimes just cool or cozy. Enjoy the 10 most recent design projects we’ve discovered throughout Europe.

10 Projects Highlight European Design Styles

1. Conseil Régional d’Ile-de France Headquarters in Saint-Ouen by Saguez & Partners

a pop art mural across from a glass wall in a colorful European café

In the Pop Café, stools and high tables by Les Gambettes coordinate with a custom vinyl mural inspired by Roy Lichtenstein artwork.

2. History Museum in Graz, Austria by Innocad Architecture

a hallway in the History Museum in Graz, Austria

Over the staircase, a 1750s addition, the ceiling fresco attributed to Styrian 18th-century painter Philipp Carl Laubmann depicts Olympian gods.

3. Mercado de San Luis in Estepona, Spain by Martín Lejarraga Architecture Office

circular steel chandeliers hang above a dining area in a Spanish architecture office

Enormous circular steel chandeliers punctuated by bare Edison bulbs define seating areas below.

4. Acompanya’m Therapeutic Unit in Barcelona by Rai Pinto Studio and Arauna Studio

inside a mental health clinic in Barcelona with an arched brick doorway topper

Suites outfitted with custom furniture have their own identity while integrating into the larger project via color coding and graphics.

5. Kagkatika’s Secret in Greece by Quintessenz

multi-colored mesh panels hang as part of an installation in Greece

Custom mesh panels in varying sizes were spray-painted, sewn onto steel wires, and hung across the ruin from dowels.

6. Relax Táboritská by Lenka Míková Architect

a teal guest bathroom

Solid-surfacing tops the vanity in a guest room, three of which have a different color scheme.

7. Akelarre Hotel in San Sebastián, Spain by Mecanismo

a plunge pool in a Spanish hotel

A suite’s plunge pool overlooks the Bay of Biscay and the Canta­brian Sea beyond.

8. Spooning Sweets Shop in Berlin by Zentralnorden

badminton birdies hang on a pink wall in a sweets shop

Walls painted cotton candy pink mix with a grid of badminton birdies, and stools are powder-coated steel.

9. Drawing Hotel in Paris by Nido Architecture

the Drawing Hotel in Paris with pixelated blue and black wallpaper

Lek & Sowat designed the first-floor corridors, including the custom acrylic carpeting.

10. Rough and Refined Ski Chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland by Humbert & Poyet

the living area of a cozy ski chalet in Switzerland

The living area gathers sofas covered in cotton and brass cocktail tables, all custom, before a Belgian limestone fireplace.

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