December 23, 2016

New Office Projects by Emerging Firms

Emerging firms strut their stuff with office projects.

1. Firm: Jennifer Carpenter Architect.

Project: MediaMath.

Site: New York.

Standout: In the atrium of this quantitative marketing enterprise, a concrete staircase is as cool as a calculation, warmed up by yellow pine and the linen shades of pendant fixture.

Moo by Trifle. Photography by Rob Wilson.

2. Firm: Trifle.

Project: Moo.

Site: London.

Standout: A printing company’s charmingly analog touches include a ceiling installation composed of sheets of paper and a rotary phone displayed in the library’s shelving unit.

Indeed by Habjan Betancourt Architecture. Photography by Eric Laignel.

3. Firm: Habjan Betancourt Architecture.

General Contractor: UA Builders Group.

Project: Indeed.

Site: New York.

Standout: Finding a new job can be a journey, as represented by the cross-country license plates that compose a mural at the office of this employment search engine.

Philips Lighting Holding by Inbo, JHK Architecten, and Laboratory for Visionary Architecture. Photography by Jonathan Andrew.

4. Firm: Inbo and JHK Architecten and Laboratory for Visionary Architecture.

Project: Philips Lighting Holding.

Site: Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Standout: Playing with this company’s stock in trade, illumination, a canopy’s stainless-steel panels temper sunshine from a skylight and also incorporate programmable LEDs.

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