December 15, 2020

NihilEstudio Designs New Studio 73 Office in Valencia, Spain

The open work space is surrounded by amenities such as a ping pong table that can be hidden behind wooden doors. Photography courtesy of NihilEstudio.   

Studio 73, a computer consulting firm in Valencia, Spain, sought out a new workspace with the goal of creating an environment that reflects its mission. Working with clients primarily aiming for equity in the labor market, Studio 73 partnered with local design firm NihilEstudio for a complete office and company rebranding experience that highlights their person-first approach in business. Employing biophilic design principles while taking the time to create moments of personalization, project leader Jesús Olavarría’s final trapezoidal plan is every bit collaborative as it is comforting.

The sign to the bathroom references the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings series. Photography courtesy of NihilEstudio. 

“It is clear that spaces evoke emotions,” explains Olavarría, “if society changes and evolves, our responsibility is to meet the expectations.” Wanting the office to be a place Studio 73 employees look forward to coming into every day, Olavarría infused pop culture mementos throughout and into the design itself. The doors to computer workshop, for example, emulate the octagonal spacecraft entrances present throughout the “Star Wars” films.

The stand alone wooden cube used for meetings and presentations is uniquely positioned with glass walls giving visual access to every side of the office, including the entrance. Photography courtesy of NihilEstudio. 

Above the main workstation, where colleagues sit and collaborate at bench desks, a lighting fixture with “73” represented in the number’s standard computer code—1001001—emphasizes the unified spirit of the company. There is no assigned seating at Studio 73 and to create synergy between the common, leisure and work areas in the office, Olavarría created transition spaces defined by soft curves that allow for a clear line of sight.

The Studio 73 logo inspired the color scheme throughout the office. Photography courtesy of NihilEstudio. 

With many clients circulating in and out of the office each day, green spaces resembling small hillsides delimit the flow of foot traffic. The company’s signature shade of green is featured in the upholstery of desk chairs and other design elements, such as employee lockers and kitchen accessories. Walnut-stained oak wood panels cover many of the office’s vertical spaces and complete the bold yet refined harmony of the overall design.

To the right of the conference room is the “Star Wars” inspired door to the computer lab, close to the entrance where bike racks can be found. Photography courtesy of NihilEstudio.  
Green spaces throughout the office resemble small hillsides. Photography courtesy of NihilEstudio.  

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