August 14, 2013

No Reservations: These 4 Establishments Meet Our Unabashed Approval

1. Firm: Dittel Architekten

Project: Breuninger Kantine, Stuttgart, Germany.
Standout: Juxtaposing shapes is the conceit in a department store’s employee cafeteria, where custom oak tables and benches stand under a constellation of discs in gypsum board and acoustic plaster.

2. Firm: Raumspielkunst Architectural Design and Concepts
Project: Noir Cuisine, Stuttgart, Germany.
Standout: Painted walls, a lacquered ceiling, custom MDF tables, and built-in pine seating carry out the Asian-French eatery’s namesake theme, with mismatched tableware and windows into the kitchen providing morsels of color.

3. Firm: Francesc Rifé Studio
Project: Canalla Bistro, Valencia, Spain.
Standout: Repurposed shipping crates form the banquette, table tops, ceiling treatment, and storage, while walls host illustrations by graffiti collective PichiAvo at this Spanish version of a gastropub—the most casual of Michelin–star chef Ricard Camarena’s three restaurants.

4. Firm: António Fernandez Architects
Project: É Prá Poncha, Porto, Portugal.
Standout: Named after a cocktail, this boîte has a can­opy of lacquered-MDF ribs that is lit by color-changing LEDs and descends to the floor to create a partition and drink rail.

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