August 19, 2020

NOKE Architects Creates a Luxe and Immersive Experience for Warsaw Jewelry Shop KOPI

Mismatched shapes work together to create a dynamic softness that defines the shop’s configuration. Photography by Nate Cook. 

When Warsaw-based jewelry line KOPI decided to expand its offerings into accessories and home decor, the brand’s designer Natalia Kopiszka knew the retail space would need an accompanying update as well. Inspired by the soft, feminine curves that run throughout KOPI’s products, Polish design firm NOKE Architects brought these lines to life in a warm and welcoming space.

Sand, velvet, and marble come together to creating a warm, desert-inspired space.  Photography by Nate Cook.

The team at NOKE Architects, led by Karol Pasternak, began their design process by pinpointing the sinuous shapes of KOPI’s jewelry, which Kopiszka originally brought to her collections after visiting Morocco and the French Riviera—the central design inspiration. From a curved counter to display poufs and wall alcoves, each element reflects a variety of abstract forms, creating a sense of intrigue.

Playing with shapes allows NOKE Architects to create new ways to put products on display. Photography by Nate Cook. 

Adding to the imagined desert ambiance, the NOKE Architects team selected a palette of pinks and reds for a  touch of warmth and luxury, further emphasized by the variety of textures. Colorized sand is infused into several surface finishes, including a light pink wall backlit to emphasize its swooping curves and grainy texture, creating a shimmering background for the jewelry. “We wanted to be sincere with the materials,” Pasternak explains about using natural elements in the final design.

The team at NOKE Architects worked with a seasoned stenographer to craft and apply the colorized sand to the walls. Photography by Nate Cook.

Velvet display poufs and curtains in a red terracotta hue create a cohesive aesthetic alongside the pink and terrazzo-inspired marble counters. To truly make the KOPI experience immersive, however, NOKE Architects’ detailed finishes make all the difference. A starry night sky on the ceiling sheds a delicate light on the treasures underneath and the parquet floor adds a hypnotic effect, matching the shades of the jewelry trays and curtains. 

Customers experience a taste of the red carpet treatment when trying on jewelry in this corner.  Photography by Piotr Maciaszek.

Pasternak says she takes pride in NOKE Architects’ approach to projects, which is all about listening to the client. “She’s a designer, a business woman,” Pasternak raves about Kopiszka, “it’s all fascinating and we wanted to honor that.” A female bust is a pinnacle figure throughout, embodying the brand’s signature curves, and while some are used as vases, Kopiszka’s design also makes an appearance on the front doorknob, welcoming visitors into KOPI—a retail space they’re sure to remember. 

The front door features a female figure designed by Kopiszka. Photography by Nate Cook. 
Mirrors throughout the space reflect the brand’s signature curves. Photography by Nate Cook. 

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