December 31, 2019

Perkins and Will Goes Graphic for Feel-Good Brierley+Partners Headquarters in Texas

Filzfelt’s Plus Block covers a logo wall in a waiting area near reception, with a Blu Dot sofa and table and Herman Miller chairs beneath Luceplan pendants. Photography by Peter Molick.

Brierley+Partners runs loyalty and customer relationship programs for companies that include 7-Eleven and Hertz, so naturally the firm’s management wanted to inspire the same good feelings in their own employees when moving into 56,700 square feet of a new office building in Frisco, Texas. “They wanted to support employee well-being and create a fun yet professional space for their mix of creative software engineers, finance, and administration,” says Melissa Cooksey, Perkins and Will’s senior interior project manager, associate principal.

A Level digital wallcovering defines the 7th floor lounge, with a sofa and armchairs by Herman Miller and seating and a table by Blu Dot. Photography by Peter Molick.

Those inspirations are all over the interiors: Graphic wallcoverings help liven up and carve out open workspaces, as do glass-film graphics across glass meeting rooms and office fronts, while writeable walls are at the ready whenever inspiration strikes. The new space includes twice as much, and twice as many kinds, of collaboration and conference areas, not to mention a gym and breakroom with its own kegerator.

The 6th floor breakroom offers multiple seating arrangements, including Hay by Herman Miller chairs beneath folded felt pendants by Eureka. Photography by Peter Molick.

Bright colors and bold patterns keep things lively. But, Cooksey notes, “the open area ceilings have K-13 acoustic spray, in white and gray, crisply divided on ceiling deck and HVAC ductwork.” And while the client wanted a space to help position them for future growth, that didn’t necessarily mean straight lines and rational finishes. “The wood veneer wallcovering installation and the adjacent subway tiles,” she says, “are both on a 45-degree angle. It’s an eclectic vibe.”

A custom neon sign hangs over the coffee area of the breakroom, on subway tiles by Horizon and above custom storage. Photography by Peter Molick.
A conference area on the 6th floor includes stepped seating in Junkers oak and black oak, with Milliken carpet tile. Photography by Peter Molick.
Level digital wallcovering demarcates a conference area on the 6th floor, floored in Shaw carpet tile. Photography by Peter Molick.

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