June 30, 2018

Philips Ledalite Brings Sleek Illumination to Contract Spaces

Form follows function. It’s the design industry’s oldest adage and yet it’s stayed true from the 19th century through to today. Design objects should enhance the lives of their users, bringing utility and beauty into harmony.

Philips Ledalite offers this glossy red finish for the first time. Photography courtesy of Philips Lighting. 

EyeLine from Philips Ledalite gracefully unites form and function. Informed by a call from the design industry for a sleek take on LED commercial linear systems, EyeLine is designed to enhance workplaces and educational spaces. Ultra-thin light panels give this suspended and wall-mounted fixture an almost weightless appearance. Designers may select from the four standard finishes or they can create custom finish colors. 

EyeLine comes in four color temperatures and three lumen packages (wall version shown here). Photography courtesy of Philips Lighting.

Designers can also customize the way these lights are mounted by choosing multiple standalone fixtures or creating continuous undulating rows. “The relationship between the light panels and the negative space between them is essential to the balance and beauty of EyeLine,” says Christopher McDonald, product developer at Philips. “This was always a priority during the design process.”

The most energy efficient version of EyeLine (25 watts) delivers 3400 lumens per four feet with a wide-spread batwing light distribution and efficacy up to 133 lumens per watt. Photography courtesy of Philips Lighting.

For designers working towards LEED or WELL certifications, Ledalite’s EyeLine offers low-glare, comfortable illumination with excellent energy-saving solutions. Armed with a futuristic elegance and advanced technology, EyeLine will please even the most utilitarian tastes. 

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