June 21, 2021

Quadrum Studio Creates a Monochromatic Café in Saratov, Russia

The abstract overhead light fixture juxtaposes the structural details. Photography by Dmitriy Chebanenko.

When Quadrum Studio was tasked with designing the interiors of White Coffee Café, its location on a busy street in the Russian city of Saratov inspired the design team to reference Paris, specifically the Apple store on the Champs-Élysées. Albert Bagdasaryan, who worked on the project along with Inna Bagdasaryan and Olga Krainova, shares that the café reflects the Apple store’s somewhat “unimaginable form,” where state-of-the art laptops are in dialogue with original Beaux-Arts cornices. To recreate this juxtaposed aesthetic, the team used white plaster stucco to fashion ornate mouldings on the ceilings and instead of a traditional chandelier, the design team inserted a futuristic, floating neon lighting fixture. “We had to add new details to the space, but didn’t necessarily want the interiors to look ‘new’,” Bagdasaryan explains. Herringbone wood floors ground the café in a timeless pattern with a muted chestnut grain that complements the monochromatic interiors. Ultimately, Quadrum decided to insert pops of color with the vibrant furniture in warm yellow and orange hues. And instead of pieces of art, reflective surfaces and vertical tubes of neon light decorate the space, creating a unique environment where diners can enjoy a coffee and croissants.

The wood flooring and stucco moulding keep the ambiance and design between the bar and seating area consistent. Photography by Dmitriy Chebanenko.
Bagdasaryan says that the neon lights in the seating area “set the rhythm and fill the space with cozy shadows.” Photography by Dmitriy Chebanenko.
Furniture from Russian designers Delo Design, Archipelago, and Vse v Poryadke create a tranquil aesthetic. Photography by Dmitriy Chebanenko.
Classic and contemporary iconography complement each other throughout. Photography by Dmitriy Chebanenko.

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