November 12, 2018

Quintessenz Installation for Paxos Contemporary Art Project Meshes Spray Paint and Greek Ruins

Four artists led by partners Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic of Quintessenz

120 mesh panels

820 linear feet of steel wire

11 days to install 

For Paxos Contemporary Art Project in Greece, multidisciplinary studio Quintessenz selected a 400-year-old ruin for its site-specific installation, Kagkatika’s Secret. Photography courtesy of Quintessenz.
At its temporary work space on the island, 240 cans of spray paint in 120 colors were gathered to be shipped to the village of Kagatika. Photography courtesy of Quintessenz.
Working with materials found on Paxos, a stone from the site functioned as a hammer to secure a dowel. Photography courtesy of Quintessenz.
An assistant spray-painted custom mesh panels in varying sizes, which were then sewn onto steel wires and hung across the ruin from dowels. Photography courtesy of Quintessenz.
Along with works by the festival’s seven other participating artists, Quintessenz’s Fragment 3 was displayed at a simultaneous exhibition on the island. Photography courtesy of Quintessenz.
For P-CAP, a debut festival curated by Leonid Keller that ran last June to Sep­tember and is planned to take place again next summer, Quintessenz chose the ruin because it offered a juxtaposition between the old and the new and interaction with the winds off the Ionian Sea. Photography courtesy of Quintessenz.

> Watch the video walk-through of the installation: 

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