February 11, 2021

Quirk Studio Designs a Tranquil Family Home in the Mumbai Suburbs

The open dining room features an industrial light fixture, sourced from Lightique. Photography by Kuber Shah.

Tasked with creating a “fuss-free” and functional home for a family in the suburbs of Mumbai, Dish Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, co-founders of Quirk Studio, prioritized flexible, multi-use design elements. In doing so, they brought to life a versatile space where the walls shift and rooms morph to create a tranquil residence in the midst of a bustling block.

The textural grey sliding wall both hides, and if so desired, reveals the kitchen to the living and dining spaces. Photography by Kuber Shah.

The selection of materials and colors, led by soft pastels and neutral tones, add a sense of airiness in the space, with dusty pinks and hues of grey fielding transitions. For added warmth, Quirk Studio used a light-reflecting varnish on the floors and select walls to optimize the interaction of natural light throughout.   

As Ajmera explains, “straight lines, layered with textures, patterns and finishes, were used to create a home that is not only functional but also warm.” Covered in three-dimensional medium-density fiberboard tiles, a large sliding wall separates the kitchen from the living room, serving as an eclectic accent with a straightforward purpose. Additionally, the marble breakfast counter and ornamental brass accents in the space add luxurious yet refined textures, ensuring the family feels at home the second they walk in.

Customized wooden furniture, including the chair and sliding screen pictured here, were done by Woods India. Photography by Kuber Shah.

The brass pendants and recessed lighting around the headboard bring a soothing sense of luxury into the bedroom. Photography by Kuber Shah.
The living room carpet from The Merge Projekt adds a pop of color among the neutral furnishings. Photography by Kuber Shah.

A golden brass mirror adds polish to the bathroom. Photography by Kuber Shah.
The fishbone patterned parquet flooring is a subtle detail in tune with the overall home aesthetic. Photography by Kuber Shah.

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