June 21, 2021

Revery Architecture Presents “DUCkT” Exhibition

an installation by Revery Architecture made of gold-plated air duct-like objects
“DUCkT” points out that heating, cooling, and ventilation in buildings currently account for almost 12% of global CO2 emissions. Photography by Henry Woide.

Representing Canada at the 2021 London Design Biennale, a global festival centered on social issues, Vancouver-based Revery Architecture presents the interactive installation “DUCkT.” Responding to the theme of “Resonance,” the installation acts as a metaphor of society’s willingness to bend to the ever-growing energy demands of mechanical systems in inefficiently designed buildings. Lead designer Venelin Kokalov explains that he wanted to bring the hidden, unseen elements of energy consumption to light by creating oversized, gold-plated “air ducts” that visitors physically have to duck under. “I wanted to evoke a feeling of certainty, but at the same time sparks curiosity,” Kokalov explains, noting how the reflective material of the familiar object distorts the viewer’s reflection and how the hidden, second duct creates an element of surprise. On view through June 27 at the Somerset House, Kokalov encourages viewers to confront hidden elements of built environments and ponder the systems relied on to power our spaces.

inside the DUCkT installation by Revery Architecture
Between the two ducts, Kokalov explains the space creates “slow time,” encouraging visitors to reflect on the urgency of changing habits. Photography by Henry Woide.
a person ducks under the DUCkT installation by Revery Architecture
“Design can change the way we think and change the way we see things,” Kokalov says, “I always try to create comfortable experiences with my work and in this case I decided to create something uncomfortable.” Photography by Henry Woide.

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