February 22, 2018

Retail Projects That Make the Most of Tile

Designers looking to create beautiful, immersive retail spaces for their clients consistently specify Mosa products for their high safety standards and sleek looks. Mosa’s exclusive Cradle to Cradle Certified porcelain tiles perform extremely well under heavy foot traffic conditions and excel in slip-resistance, freeing up designers to focus on creating the perfect space. Below, see how four luxury merchandisers and their architects incorporated Mosa tiles into their projects.

La Fabrique de Lunettes

La Fabrique de Lunettes by Marc Ifrah Architecture. Photography courtesy of Mosa. 

French architecture firm Marc Ifrah Architecture channeled Piet Mondrian’s iconic color-blocking technique for the cabinetry and walls of this eyeglasses store in Paris. Ifrah used Mosa’s Global Collection tiles in a scaled houndstooth motif to complement the rest of the store’s visual drama.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini by Olivier Lempereur. Photography courtesy of Mosa. 

The rich colors of Pierre Marcolini’s haute chocolates and macarons saturate the luxury chocolatier’s Parisian shop. Interior designer Olivier Lempereur used Mosa’s Terra Greys and Terra Maestricht series for their subtle gradation and earthy tones, which perfectly match the delicious products on sale.


Swarovski by Swarovski AG. Photography courtesy of Mosa. 

Swarovski seeks out pure white backdrops for their famed crystal pieces. In the Dubai store, the brand specified Mosa’s Terra Greys collection in a matte finish and mid-cool gray color to accentuate the bright displays and provide a cohesive experience for shoppers.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss by DTAH. Photography courtesy of Mosa.

DTAH used Mosa’s Terra Maestricht series in a gray-brown hue for the floor and staircase of a Hugo Boss shop in Toronto. Mosa’s unique production process deposits minuscule particles of natural clay in varying tones throughout the tile, which energizes even neutral palettes.

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