November 10, 2017

Richardson Design Gets Playful at the Children’s Museum of Cleveland

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland’s new digs—the historic Stager-Beckwith mansion on Millionaire’s Row—is four times bigger than before. It’s also infinitely more playful, thanks to a new visual identity crafted by Richardson Design. “We wrapped the historic interior in a constant cream color, better known by the museum as ‘cake batter,’” explains senior designer Tracy van der Kuil. “And we used an unexpected color palette to activate exhibits,” which include a multi-level treehouse, science space, art studio, and dollhouse gallery. Each boasts a signature color united by plywood and metallic finishes, a nod to Cleveland’s industrial character.

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland in the Stager-Beckwith mansion. Photography by Mark Steele.
Adventure City offers a treehouse, rooftop garden, market, and construction site. Photography by Mark Steele.
Bright purple seating and magnetic wall tile define the Wonder Lab. Photography by Mark Steele.
Tudor castle elements reference the historic mansion, brightened up with yellow and orange accents, in the Arts & Parts art studio. Photography by Mark Steele.
The Making Miniatures galleries display handmade dollhouses, in rooms that resemble them.  Photography by Mark Steele.

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