July 23, 2014

Right at Home: 3 Minimalist Kitchen and Baths

Minimalism makes room for a few flourishes:

1. Firm: Widawscy Studio Architecture

Project: House

Site: Silesia, Poland

Standout: A monochromatic scheme, from the kitchen’s solid-surfacing counters to the bathroom’s porcelain tile, sets up the surprise of the gym’s stripy wallpaper.

2. Firm: i29 Interior Architects

Project: Apartment

Site: Paris

Standout: With appliances concealed by Haussmannian doors and plumbing hidden inside a lacquered stainless-steel island, the kitchen becomes virtually invisible.

3. Firm: Kyla Bidgood Interior Design

Project: House

Site: Victoria, British Columbia

Standout: Open sight lines, preserved with the help of the stair’s screen in CNC-cut lacquered MDF, let the kitchen’s brass accents truly shine. 

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