December 10, 2020

RS3 Designs Adds Touch of Whimsy to Modera’s Latest Apartment Building in Miami

Combining contrasting aesthetics to find a balance in Modera Edgewater, a medieval-inspired chandelier surrounded by biophilic motifs achieves a unique equilibrium. Photography courtesy of RS3 Designs.

Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood offers the best of the city’s beauty; between its proximity to the Biscane Bay, Design District, and artful Wynwood zone, Mill Creek Residential saw the area as a perfect fit to establish their latest Modera apartment building. Targeted towards young urban professionals, the vibrant branding of Modera can be found in apartments across the U.S. For Modera Edgewater, Shannon Scott and Raymond Jimenez—co-founders and designers at local RS3 Designs—added some Miami flair that reflects their unique design style as well as the brand’s lively energy. [Editor’s note: Jimenez has since gone on to create Raymond Nicolas. RS3 no longer exists.] 

The front desk reflects the materials and textures used throughout the building. Photography courtesy of RS3 Designs.

“We wanted to keep it fresh, vibrant, and inviting,” shares Jimenez, referencing the bright fuchsias and neon greens evident in other Modera locations, which Scott adapted to suit the newest locale. To further elevate the space, RS3 Designs clad the building’s structural columns in a porcelain tile that resembles calacatta marble and embedded a pocket in the covering for LED lights to create small, architecturally-inspired moments where form and function overlap.

Neutral hues provide a backdrop that enables the green and gold accessories to pop. Photography courtesy of RS3 Designs. 

The biggest yet most exciting challenge Scott and Jimenez faced came in the form of arranging the large amenity lounge on the first floor. “We are definitely inspired by hospitality spaces,” Jimenez notes, explaining RS3 Designs’s goal of creating a stylish multipurpose room. To do this, Scott and Jimenez organized workspace and entertainment zones using modular furnishings and the existing cement pillars. As Jimenez says, “the whole building speaks inside and out.”

When turned off, the televisions embedded into the concrete pillars in the amenity lounge look like glass boxes. Photography courtesy of RS3 Designs.
One of the two exercise rooms in the Modera Edgewater. The yoga and aerobics room also features a green wall. Photography courtesy of RS3 Designs.
Geometric columns illuminate a pathway in the building. Photography courtesy of RS3 Designs. 

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