March 7, 2021

Signtone Marble Pavilion by C&C Design Co.: 2020 Best of Year Winner for International Tradeshow Booth

This winning project has particular significance, since it was for one of the last trade shows that took place before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. It was a 980-square-foot booth for the 2019 Guangzhou Design Week, which took place last December. To highlight the client’s offerings, namely stone surfacing, C&C formed a playful labyrinth from towering, slender barbed-wire
columns filled to different levels with hundreds of thousands of white stones, intended to take visitors on a journey through an abstracted mountain forest, a sort of nature walk inside an enormous convention center. Some of the barbed-wire columns were wider and squatter and topped with terrazzo to become
tables and pedestals. Pathways were carpeted. In the end, the installation generated the idea of a peaceful landscape—as well as much buzz for Signtone.

Photography courtesy of C&C Design Co. 

Project team: Peng Zheng; Xie Zekun 

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