February 14, 2019

Sim-Plex Design Studio Crafts a Hong Kong Apartment for Humans and Their Pets

Patrick Lam needed to accommodate the differing needs of two generations and three species when he designed a 450-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong. But Lam, founder of Sim-Plex Design Studio, was not daunted, creating a comfortable and flexible space for a young couple, a parent, a parrot, and a cat.

The humans needed ample storage space, room to maneuver, and areas that could become communal. A dining table is stowed within a custom cabinet, pulled out only when needed. Glass-and-oak doors slide closed as needed, including when the parrot flies freely. The cat’s play areas, meanwhile, are integrated into the custom oak cabinets, with shelves that provide plenty of places to perch. And all the cabinets are fronted in melamine to protect them from feline scratches.

The layout considered the needs of a parrot and a cat. Photography by Patrick Lam.
Sliding doors incorporate fritted glass. Photography by Patrick Lam.
A dining table pulls out of a custom cabinet. Photography by Patrick Lam.

The parrot’s cage rests on another custom cabinet. Photography by Patrick Lam.

Above an area for the cat is a seat for removing shoes. Photography by Patrick Lam.
The tops of doors evoke pitched roofs. Photography by Patrick Lam.

All oak cabinets are fronted in protective melamine. Photography by Patrick Lam.

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