October 1, 2020

SitOnIt Seating Consolidates to Become a Single Destination for Solutions

Products featured: Vectra® task chair, Motif™ fabric screen, Switchback® height-adjustable table with mobile pedestal, Mobio™ monitor arm, Ioniq™ side chair, Tensor™ table, and Envoi® club chair. Photography courtesy of SitOnIt Seating. 

The importance of a well-designed, ergonomic chair cannot be stressed enough—no matter the space. The search for seating with the right physical and visual fit is a key attribute in designing for productivity. Looking to streamline the specification experience, SitOnIt Seating, a leading manufacturer of task chairs, recently consolidated their multi-brand portfolio into one entity.  Coming in the wake of the mass home-office migration, SitOnIt Seating’s innovative move brings Symmetry’s office products and IDEON’s lounge furniture into the same portfolio, creating a single destination for a variety of specification needs.

Cameo® lounge seating, Nano® diamond table and ottomans, Movi® nesting chair, and Novo® task chair come together to create the professional chic lounge area. Photography courtesy of SitOnIt Seating. 

“By consolidating our lounge and workstation collections into a single destination, SitOnIt Seating can be that all-in-one partner everyone—and every space—needs,” says Melissa Chapman, chief marketing officer. Designers can now easily peruse IDEON’s refined collections, which add a comfortable poise and professionalism to any interior, as well as Symmetry’s smart organizational offerings, in one place. SitOnIt Seating’s comprehensive portfolio, which includes its precision-engineered Vectra chair, offers designers endless options when it comes to furnishing styles, colors, and office systems. The brand’s one-stop-shop philosophy also includes online resources, such as consultations with design and planning experts to help source products that bring to life any vision imaginable.

The products used to create three separate spaces in one large space are: Envoi® club chair, Paséa® ottomans, Switchback® height-adjustable table, Vectra® task chair, and Wit® side chair. Photography courtesy of SitOnIt Seating. 

To further streamline the specification process, SitOnIt Seating upgraded its visualization tool, now called ChairBuilder+, to better fit the company’s consolidated offerings. Expanding on its original capabilities, which included seeing products in augmented reality, the new platform offers seamless specifying and automated quoting for a more efficient and organized planning experience. Users can learn more about their selected products on ChairBuilder+, like the light-scale and weight-activated Mavic chair, designed by Martin Bellendat. Additionally, their enhanced and expanded online resources now feature new design templates—including floorplans designed to promote physical distancing—for an assortment of built environments.

The Mavic® collaborative chair and Tensor® table with pencil drawer combine for a productive duo. Photography courtesy of SitOnIt Seating. 

“We centralized our entire product portfolio so that creating comprehensive solutions is easier for our customers,” Chapman explains.  With custom capabilities, SitOnIt Seating’s offerings do not simply fill a room with furniture but create a harmonious workflow ecosystem. From ensuring desk and chair height align for good posture and productivity, to configuring different arrangements of furniture for work and meetings in the same room, SitOnIt Seating’s customer-centered approach to innovation stands outs for both its award-winning designs and considerate service.

The Vectra® task chair, Paséa seating and ottomans in a refreshing turquoise shade. Photography courtesy of SitOnIt Seating. 

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