March 14, 2020

Sò Studio Steeps théATRE Teahouse in Otherworldly Drama

The work of Constantin Brancusi inspired a central installation of geometric shapes. Photography by Yuhao Ding.

Making good on the project’s playful name, Sò Studio created a true dramatic entrance to Beijing’s théATRE teahouse by leaving one third of the U-shaped, mottled-glass façade open to passersby. Even before entering, patrons can make out the gently contrasting surfaces of stone and glass, softly lit and filled with plants. Bringing warmth to the project’s four shades of white, lighting designers AILD used special light filters set to 2200K or 2700K to add a soothing amber glow to the 1,450-square-foot interior, which encompasses the main tea garden, VIP area, bar, and kitchen.

Sò Studio left the bottom third of the glass façade open to attract visitors to Beijing’s théATRE teahouse. Photography by Yuhao Ding.

The play of shadows and painterly textures generated by the mottled glass only serve to heighten the theatrics—which peak each evening at 8 o’clock when the lights are set to change color for the night crowd.

A gallery wall leads guests to the VIP area, at left upon entering. Photography by Yuhao Ding.
Seating and tables are by Cassina, MatzForm, and Sancal. Photography by Yuhao Ding.
Sofie Refer designed the tea garden’s pendant fixtures, which are from &Tradition. Photography by Yuhao Ding.
The designers used three different types of white stone to create a sense of calmness and simplicity. Photography by Elbe.
An open bar area is adjacent to the VIP room. Photography by Yuhao Ding.
Amber-colored lighting casts dramatic shadows against the white curtains and creates a sense of intimacy. Photography by Elbe.

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