October 27, 2014

Spice it Up: 5 Fast-Casual Restaurants Put Design on the Menu

These fast-casual restaurants put design on the menu:

1. Firm: Fleetwood/Fernandez
Project: Yellow Fever
Site: Torrance, California
Standout: While the kitchen goes through hundreds of melamine bowls daily, hundreds more are permanently epoxied to the walls.

2. Firm: Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs
Project: Chez Carl Tapas & BBQ
Site: Verdun, Quebec
Standout: Angular forms soften when reflected in the polished copper cladding of the central wine cellar.

3. Firm: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects
Project: Yume Marche
Site: Chiba, Japan
Standout: Painted murals evoke the local farmland that provides the produce served at this eat-in market.

4. Firm: Mondunique
Project: Tsujiri
Site: Kyoto, Japan
Standout: Hemlock slats lining the walls of a bi-level patisserie give it the look of a traditional teahouse.

5. Firm: BuckleyGrayYeoman
Project: Nando’s
Site: Loughton, U.K.
Standout: Latticework in plywood rises from reclaimed parquet, a combo symbolizing the fusion of Portuguese-African cuisine.

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