October 8, 2018

Stone Designs Recasts Rug as Furnishing for Now Carpets

Context Art by Now Carpets. 

As the global dialogue around diversity gathers pace, is genre-crossing flooring ready for its moment? Stone Designs cofounders Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego advance the agenda with Context, a category-fluid family for Now Carpets that recasts the relationship between rug and furnishing. In each, integrated components interface with bamboo-silk rugs. Tucked into a ceiling crook, Context Corner’s 3-D planes glow from the light of an LED globe. Context Dream sees a rug rise from the floor to form a headboard flanked by bedside shelves. The color gradients in the wall-mounted rug of Context Shelf are punctuated by illuminated oak ledges. Finally, Context Art is exactly that: a gallery-worthy, two-tone rug stretched over a circular frame.

Context Corner by Now Carpets.
Context Dream by Now Carpets.
Context Shelf by Now Carpets.

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