January 8, 2018

Studio Aisslinger Samples From Around the World for a Zurich Hotel

The city’s former red-light district, Zurich’s Langstrasse neighborhood is varied, bridging a commercial quarter with a young, artsy scene. It is fitting then that the design of a new hotel within it, the 70,000-square-foot 25hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse, would be a melting pot of influences and draw from multiple cultural sources. “Designers nowadays are like DJs,” Studio Aisslinger’s Werner Aisslinger says. “This hotel reflects that with a combination of vintage, flea market finds, classics, inherited pieces, mixed with archetypical new designs.” In the restaurant, Neni, the palette was inspired by South America but the chairs are custom versions of one designed by Aisslinger for Italian manufacturer Cappellini. Upstairs, seven floors of guest rooms are inspired both by themes from the area’s past and penthouses around the world.

Custom sofas in the lounge were designed by the firm’s own Tina Bunyaprasit. Photography by Jens Bösenberg.
In the restaurant, upholstered swivel chairs are by Werner Aisslinger. Photography by Jens Bösenberg.

Regular guests receive a personalized bag made of recycled truck tarpaulin. Photography by Jens Bösenberg.

The bar was designed to also be a place for meetings, relaxation, or listening to music. Photography by Jens Bösenberg.

The hotel has over 170 guest rooms. Photography by Jens Bösenberg.

The area’s past as a red-light district inspired some rooms. Photography by Jens Bösenberg.

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