January 28, 2021

Studio Alta Reinterprets the Bachelorette Pad in a NYC Apartment

Altamirano plays with the scale of the apartment by balancing a large wall covering by Eskayel in a small space with little millwork details. Photography courtesy of Studio Alta. 

“I don’t know what I want it to look like, I just know I want it to have a feminine feel, but [also] have a man like it and be jealous of the place,” Thomas Altamirano says, paraphrasing a request from his client. Founder and principal of interior design firm Studio Alta, Altamirano is well versed in the requests of independent women and for this midtown apartment in New York City, he was able to introduce one such client to different stylings and arrangements, ultimately, creating a space that is guided by its architecture. 

Having lived in New York for many years, Altamirano is a pro at making small spaces feel big by minimizing clutter and chaos. Many of the apartment walls feature tessellating square millwork that adds depth to the space and hides storage closets. Gold and yellow accents juxtapose the charcoal grey walls in each room, like glints of jewelry accessorizing the home. 

The main bedroom is bold but serene. Photography courtesy of Studio Alta.
Altamirano created a wall to enclose the kitchen area. Photography courtesy of Studio Alta.
Clean and minimal furniture with soft edges create a feminine vibe. Photography courtesy of Studio Alta.

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