June 28, 2020

Studio BV Designs New Knoll Showroom in Minneapolis as Modern Office

Parameters features classic materials, such as marble, copper and cork, which offer balance to the bespoke objects and work tools throughout. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography. 

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, enclosed walkways connecting various parts of the city center are, for locals, more than a convenience—they’re nearly a necessity. After all, winters in the area are frigid and often long, which makes the heart of the city an ideal and accessible locale for Parameters, a new Knoll showroom and dealership, says Betsy Vohs, founder and CEO of Studio BV, who designed the space with her team. The 15,000-square-foot space, which mirrors the aesthetic of a contemporary office and functions as one too, melds the design ideals of Knoll with those of Scandinavian brand Muuto. “Muuto’s collections are very beautiful, but very different than Knoll’s in general,” says Vohs. “So we thought: How do we create a space that feels like they’re both in harmony together?”

To start, Studio BV opted to design the showroom as a working office, enabling clients to experience products in a curated, cohesive environment and stay for a coffee or two, if they wish. “There are lots of entertainment spaces and in between spaces, enabling people to do work or collaborate,” adds Vohs. The showroom and dealership also features small 8×10 offices, often seen in contemporary workplaces, with 6×6 workstations and benching, offering visitors an opportunity to see multiple iterations of layouts using the same product and take in ways to blend legacy and modern brands. To create a unifying thread throughout, the design team turned to copper and cork contrasted by terrazzo and concrete. The result? A timeless, yet fresh nod to the showroom’s warehouse roots with lots of flexibility. “If a showroom can be an active lab then that will keep people interested—this was our goal,” says Vohs. 

Parameters features several bar areas, inviting clients to stay awhile. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography. 
Flexible walls enable the showroom team to easily reconfigure its layout. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography. 
The expansive showroom affords plenty of space to collaborate while remaining socially distant. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography. 
Parameters offers a cohesive narrative, stepping away from mismatched micro-environments typically seen in showrooms of the past. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography. 
Studio BV created small office areas, offering clients a look at how each product can be used in different ways to meet their needs. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography. 
Studio BV created a sophisticated yet playful workspace, marrying form and function. Photography by Corey Gaffer Photography.  

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