February 17, 2021

Studio Gameiro Creates a Sultry Celebration of Portuguese Design with Members-Only Club in Lisbon

The rattan drop ceiling and the underlit bar made from sandstone highlights the beauty of Portuguese craftsmanship and materials. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.

In Lisbon’s Estrela neighborhood by the banks of the Tagus River, a new members-only wellness and social club encapsulates the beauty of Portugal’s landscape. “Portuguese materials and techniques are shown subtly throughout,” shares João Gameiro, project designer and founder of the multidisciplinary Studio Gameiro. What Gameiro calls an “earthy and global” aesthetic colors the remodeled factory building, which features various shades of russet hues.

The gym area has an open exercise floor with rooms that can be curtained off for specific usage. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.

Sandstone fins—extracted from the interior hills of central Portugal—are subtly embedded into the white concrete flooring, increasing in concentration as the opening corridor continues. Paired with terracotta tiles and accent pieces, the two light and dark clay-toned materials create a warm yet sophisticated ambiance. “These fins and the terracotta pieces are constant reminders of hand-craftsmanship and local products,” Gameiro says, noting the same sandstone appears in the reception and café spaces as well.

In the bathrooms, lighter raw terracotta pieces are predominantly placed on the walls while the darker glazed pieces populate the floors and sinks, highlighting the contrasts in the material. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.

Wrought iron handrails, inspired by the filigree in Lisbon’s pre-Pombalino buildings is another refined nod to Portuguese design. The rattan used to construct various pieces throughout the space was manufactured by local artisans, putting delicate craftsmanship on display. “As part of our studio’s ethos, we always try to use local craftsmanship and materials in our projects, promoting the local art and skills within a sustainable background,” per Gameiro.

A lounge area resembles a desert landscape.  Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.
A wrought iron handle with a delicate curl supports guests walking downstairs into the café, where the same material suspends storage shelves. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.
A green corner with cacti and ferns. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.

Opaque hanging pendants softly light the reception counter. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.
A pilates room is tucked away in common area corner. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.

A heavy mortar background behind the bond grid emphasizes the unique individual shapes of the terracotta tiles. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.
The massage room features terracotta details that tie into the rest of the space. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.
Biophilic accents freshen up a sitting area while also serving as a room divider. Photography courtesy of Studio Gameiro.

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