August 9, 2019

Studio Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus Designs an iPhone-Inspired Wine Bar in Prague

A mirror on the ceiling of Dvojka wine bar in Prague reflects arrangements of Ateliér Pelcl glassware. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

For more than a decade, Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus have been designing spaces for art gallerist and artist Richard Preisler. “In that time,” they say, “we’ve become friends and we know that having a place like this has been a long-time dream of his.” The place they are referring to is Dvojka, a small wine bar in Prague. “We wanted the interior to express his personality the way we see it.”

What they saw was an image of “a scruffy old iPhone,” which became the aesthetic guidepost. The team at Studio Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus whitewashed everything: walls, ceilings, old workbenches and stools; they even spattered the new black floors with white paint. “It makes it look as if you’re in someone’s studio,” say the duo. “Or perhaps a vintage refrigerator shop.”

Whitewashed workbenches and stools serve as seating in Prague’s Dvojka wine bar. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

Either way, Plechac and Wielgus see it as a “a friendly and pleasant space in which people would feel relaxed even before drinking the first glass of wine.” To which we say: Na zdravi (Cheers)!

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For Dvojka’s custom neon sign, Plechac and Wielgus specified “the color of red wine.” Photography by BoysPlayNice.

Plechac and Wielgus assembled a variety of vintage refrigerators to keep the wine cool. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
Spattered white paint jazzes up the poured concrete floors at Dvojka wine bar in Prague. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
Jan Plachac and Henry Wielgus designed the glass chandelier featured in Dvojka wine bar for Lasvit. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

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