July 5, 2021

Studio Khachatryan’s New Gallery and Office Space Reflects its Architectural Offerings

A series of pieces by Studio Khachatryan are displayed in the gallery. Photography by Damon De Backer.

The Brussels-based Studio Khachatryan, named after its founder Noro Khachatryan, often experiments with natural materials and precise mathematical research to create architectural objects and furniture. Those same aesthetic values can now be found in the firm’s new office and gallery, located in a 19th-century semi-industrial building that has undergone serious renovations to fit with Khachatryan’s vision. “The ground floor is sort of a white cube,” he explains, noting that with ceiling heights of five-and-a-half meters but few windows, LED lights illuminate the starkly and sparsely organized display floor. To add a joyful touch to both levels of the space, over 22,000 natural stone tiles line the floors. Says Khachatryan, “the flooring should feel very natural and within a few years, we’ll think it’s been here forever.” The minimalistic second floor resembles an artist’s loft with an abundance of light streaming in from the windows. Khachatryan notes that with smaller proportions, his second floor office is a great brainstorming place. “We didn’t want to make a big design statement,” he says, “everything should be very natural,” including the flow of people wandering in off the street. 

Khachatryan describes the first floor as “industrial and pragmatic.” Photography by Damon De Backer.
The curved brickway ceiling adds a subtle dynamism to the space. Photography by Thibeau Sarceriaux.
The works displayed show the confluence of art and functionality. Photography by Thibeau Sarceriaux.
Studio Khachatryan objects basking in sunlight. Photography by Damon De Backer.

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