March 27, 2019

Studio Mabb Transforms Historic Italian Stable into a Beer and Pizza Tavern

The legacy of 16th-century Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia is written all over its walls, which are subject to cultural heritage oversight and can’t be changed. But that doesn’t mean time must stand still: A former stable on the property has been transformed by Milan-based Studio Mabb into La Ganea, a beer and pizza tavern named for the ancient Latin word for a traveler’s “place of rest.”

A custom banquette in spruce offers seating at an IDI Studio table made of iron and teak recovered from fishing boats. Photography by Carola Merello.

“The specific restrictions were the biggest challenge,” says the studio’s co-founder Andrea Baselli. “We created a naked lighting system without damaging the interior walls, to transform an issue into an aesthetic opportunity.”

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Storage by IDI Studio is made from reclaimed teak and iron. Photography by Carola Merello.

Handmade terracotta tiles by Sannini complement the cool palette of plaster and iron, while sandblasted wooden beams offer drama across the ceilings. The restored windows of iron or brushed larch provide enviable views of neighboring gardens, while the walls offer interest thanks to a rustic patina of lime-based plaster. Best of all, the sheet-iron bar with custom glass shelving is the perfect place for a visitor to pause for refreshment and reflect on the passing of time.   

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Custom pendants by local blacksmith, Eurocomat, illuminate the sheet-iron bar. Photography by Carola Merello.

A reinforced glass and iron screen stands behind custom spruce tables by Falegnameria Caba. Photography by Carola Merello.

Eurocomat also custom made the powder-coated iron entry. Photography by Carola Merello.

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