March 31, 2016

Studios Architecture Fills Neustar Office With Data-Inspired Artwork by Laurie Frick

“Art corresponding to what they do.” That was the solution proposed by Studios Architecture associate Kelly Mocock when she was designing the San Francisco office of a data-management concern, Neustar. So Mocock started searching the Internet, which brought her to an installation by Laurie Frick.

Paper and wood are Frick’s most frequent mediums, but she was game to try metal. Although the material changed, her method remained essentially the same. She wears self-tracking sensors as she walks around throughout the day, and the data collected creates an individual portrait—call it the ultimate high-tech selfie.

In the case of Neustar’s Floating Data, a stroll through Brooklyn, New York, where Frick lives part-time, is represented by apertures laser-cut in anodized aluminum panels. Small folding tabs capture light and add dimension to the 15-by-24-foot work. With aircraft cable and stainless-steel fittings, it’s mounted to serve as a screen for a pair of stacked conference rooms that rise alongside the blackened-steel staircase connecting the two levels of the 128,000-square-foot space. What better placement for a statement piece? 

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