May 31, 2020

Stylish Pet Salon in Kiev by Yakusha Design Invites Owners to Stay a While

A round mirror rubs shoulders with a rounded sofa and marble table by Amura. Photography courtesy of Serhii Chornousov. 

The recent boom in pet adoption and fostering across the U.S. has confirmed two things: that humans are social creatures and—to borrow from the words of French novelist Colette—that “our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” This special relationship between humans and pets is what drove Kiev-based studio Yakusha Design to develop Groomer, a grooming salon with a large footprint dedicated to pet owners.

“The main challenge of this project was to create not just ‘another grooming salon’ in our city, but a space for socializing for the pet owners while they are waiting for their furry friends,” says Yakusha Design founder, Victoria Yakusha. And at Groomer, socializing comes with style. A warm, sepia color palette is punctuated by a speckled quartzite flooring and a panoply of designer furniture. Rounded sofas and a marble coffee table by Amura contrast with an opal acrylic, Artemide floor lamp. Meanwhile, round mirrors and Apparatus sconces help soften the mood.

Complete with quartzite flooring and steel walls, the grooming lounge includes beauty-care services like bathing, trimming and styling. Photography courtesy of Serhii Chornousov. 
A warm sepia color palette is punctuated by a series of Dro table lamps, courtesy of Belgian manufacturer Wever & DucrePhotography courtesy of Serhii Chornousov. 
Light timber and quartzite flooring mix with a glowing, opal acrylic floor lamp by ArtemidePhotography courtesy of Serhii Chornousov. 
A display of translucent alabaster and brass sconces by Apparatus shine a soft glow to the grooming lounge. Photography courtesy of Serhii Chornousov. 
The 2,000-square-foot space boasts high ceilings, modular sofas and an abundance or circular shapes and rounded corners to soften the mood. Photography courtesy of Serhii Chornousov. 

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