June 23, 2020

Surf-Inspired Design by September Architecture and Interiors Distinguishes Tacofino’s New Vancouver Outpost

Paneling across the front counter mimics the dark gloss of a wet, rocky beach. Photography by Vishal Marapon.

Tacofino’s new location on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver is a tribute to its owners’ home, the surf town of Tofino, where they opened the first location. For interiors, they turned to local firm September Architecture and Interiors. “We wanted to use the minimal amount of materials necessary,” says principal Shiloh Sukkau, “to make reference to the natural features the area is known for.”

First, they had to strip the 1,000-square-foot dining area down to its concrete shell, incorporating its weathered patina as a design element. “Because the space is partly below grade, with low ceilings, the lighting was key,” Sukkau says, who hit upon tracing wave shapes with surface-mounded conduit fixtures. “The subtle references to water allow the space to be cohesive and offer depth without being heavy or fussy.” Finishing touches? Beach stones which find their way into custom tabletops, surrounded by undulating paths of seafoam-green slats that carve out ideal places to hang ten.

The cedar slatting curves around the seating area to carve out a space for a water station. Photography by Vishal Marapon.
Paint treatments along the walls echo the elegant curves of the Afteroom Studio seating. Photography by Vishal Marapon.
Custom tabletops incorporate local beach stones. Photography by Vishal Marapon.
Vancouver’s Kate Richard created ovoid mirrors throughout the space. Photography by Vishal Marapon.
Exposed conduit and keyless lamp fixtures trace the shapes of waves across the walls. Photography by Vishal Marapon.

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