February 21, 2021

The DW by Modern Shed: 2020 Best of Year Winner for Budget

Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli Photography.

In August, after years of creating custom studio sheds, the firm Modern Shed debuted its first-ever portable living space: a dwelling on wheels, dubbed the DW. Working within a 220-square-foot layout, the question of how to make such a small structure livable long-term was paramount. The solution begins with a welcoming gable form that helps inhabitants feel instantly at home, while a fully glazed end wall and windows that extend into skylights allow daylight to flood the entire structure and maximize changing landscape views. Though compact, the birch-clad interior sleeps three in bunk-style beds—single above, double below—and incorporates ample concealed storage to accommodate essentials. Equipped with a rooftop solar array, batteries, a woodburning stove, and a pair of backup electric heaters, the structure is ready for off-grid use. Reducing the DW’s emissions even further is the thin layer of high-intensity insulation paneling that will keep the
interior warm even in the chilly Northwest, where the prototype is sited.

Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli Photography.

Project Team: Ryan Grey Smith.

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