October 1, 2019

The Perfect Appliance for Any Aesthetic

Athena Calderon’s Brooklyn townhouse features the Fisher & Paykel Professional Style 48” Dual Fuel Range. Interior Designer: Athena Calderone; Architect: Elizabeth Roberts. Photography by Sarah Elliot. 

In 2019, designers are increasingly tasked with making even the most utilitarian environments feel like home. The kitchen—a space that fuels creation—is no exception. As a social hub in residential and commercial spaces, the kitchen often reflects those who gather within it, from the techniques used to prepare food to the stories told around the table: It’s a space that melds function and form. 

Though appliances can be an overlooked design element, Fisher & Paykel, a leading appliances manufacturer founded in New Zealand, makes them impossible to ignore. The company draws on its relationships with architects and designers around the globe to craft striking appliances with enough panache to anchor a range of design aesthetics, from traditional to modern tastes. 

The Fisher & Paykel Classic Style Dual Fuel Range is designed to be the showpiece of the kitchen. With modern performance and heritage aesthetics, it is beautiful in both form and function. Architect: Whiting Architects. Photography by Fisher & Paykel. 

“The kitchen has transitioned from being purely a working area to more of an entertaining space,” says Shane Rehm, VP, product management, Fisher & Paykel. “Kitchen appliances are no longer viewed as a workhorse that sit in the corner of a space, rather they are functional pieces of furniture that need to perform well, but also integrate seamlessly into the design aesthetic of one’s kitchen environment.”

Fisher & Paykel offer five distinct styles of appliances, providing designers with the ultimate luxury: Freedom of choice. Styles include Integrated collections, which allow for the installation of a custom front panel to match existing cabinetry, creating a seamless look; Professional products, which provide a commercial aesthetic and unparalleled performance; Contemporary appliances, which feature sleek finishes for a modern space; Classic collections, which blend traditional design aesthetics with contemporary style and include appliances meant to serve as statement pieces; and Minimal products, which prioritize simplicity of form and technological innovation. 

“We are able to work with a customer who prefers a range to be the jewel of the kitchen, standing out in either a bold color or professional style,” says Rehm. “On the opposite spectrum, we’re able to work with customers whose aesthetic calls for the appliances to integrate seamlessly and almost disappear into the kitchen design.”

Fisher & Paykel’s Integrated Column Refrigerator and Freezer provide ultimate design freedom. Customize front panels to match kitchen cabinetry so the appliances disappear into the kitchen. Architect: Rogan Nash Architect. Photography by Simon Wilson.

The company’s range of integrated refrigeration products offers options to suit any project, from French Door Fridges to Column Fridges and Freezers. Earlier this year, Fisher and Paykel received a NYCxDESIGN Award nomination for the latter in recognition of its unparalleled design

Since 1934, the company has been finding ways to make appliances look and perform better than the rest, and its entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive. Fisher & Paykel’s fresh approach to design and commitment to environmentally conscious business operations also help reduce energy and water usage across its appliances—a big win for the planet.

Designers can explore Fisher & Paykel’s range of appliances at the company’s New York City Experience Center and Costa Mesa Experience Center

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