May 1, 2019

The Warmth of Wood Meets The Durability of Concrete

Architectural stone veneer is a natural choice for exterior facades, but the material is a strong contender for interiors, as well. It works beautifully on accent walls, around fireplaces, and on kitchen and bath backsplashes, bringing a dynamic visual pop or subtle textural effect to a room. Architectural stone veneer also allows specifiers to infuse spaces with the natural character of stone or brick without a lengthy installation process, saving time and money.

Eldorado Stone’s Vintage Ranch in Saddlewood. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone.

Eldorado Stone manufactures some of the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer. They particularly excel in recreating the warmth of American reclaimed barn wood in their Vintage Ranch collection. The collection, rendered in concrete and hand painted, has received numerous awards, including an International GOOD DESIGN® Award.

Vintage Ranch in Dawnwood. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone.

The company introduces two new profiles in the Vintage Ranch collection. Both Stratuswood and Dawnwood provide designers with warmer neutral hues, introducing an evolution from the icy, cool grays that have largely dominated the interior stone veneer category. Stratuswood brings an earthiness to taupe, while Dawnwood echoes the look of a whitewashed barn. Both profiles have a lifelike patina and weather-worn texture.

Vintage Ranch in Stratuswood. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone.

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