September 1, 2019

These Innovative Acoustic Panels Make a Statement

Color and texture remain invaluable tools for designers when it comes to aesthetic benefitsfrom dressing up white walls to layering vibrant patterns. But what about functionality? As contemporary workplaces morph into more fluid, open spaces, creative solutions that reduce noise and elevate design are in demand. 

BuzziSpace is one company that’s taking an innovative approach to such solutions. The company, a leader in the space since 2007, offers designers a suite of versatile acoustic products, complete with several new lines—from ceiling and wall applications to experimental wall covers and panels. Each acoustic solution adds character while performing a distinct function, effectively mitigating noise from a variety of angles, especially when used in tandem. 

For designers looking to add depth with a bold acoustic accent, BuzziSkin Printed is a clear option. The wall cover’s expressive character pairs well with BuzziSpace’s portfolio, including its recently launched retro-inspired collections—BuzziTab Soft and BuzziKey Soft.  Not to mention, BuzziMood, which gives designers a biophilic wall covering option, and BuzziDishan artful line of 3D panels with a rotating connector that allows for additional functionality and flexibility. 

Each acoustic solution allows for customization of color, pattern, and panel thickness, enabling designers to create vibrant, personalized spaces. 

BuzziSkin Printed comes in patterns ranging from industrial concrete to jungle and camouflage prints to elegant marble—suiting tradition and more modern aesthetics. Photography courtesy of BuzziSpace. 

BuzziTab and BuzziKey Soft’s structural bodies, which are meticulously crafted out of high-performance acoustic materials, efficiently stave off noise by absorbing undesired sound waves. Photography courtesy of BuzziSpace. 

BuzziTile, BuzziBlox, and BuzziPleat panels work together to absorb and offset distracting sounds. Caption Photography courtesy of BuzziSpace. 

Turn down the volume with BuzziMood, a biophilic alternative to traditional walls featuring preserved reindeers moss that creates a soothing nature-inspired ambiance without the maintenance. Photography courtesy of BuzziSpace. 

BuzziDish, which melds design and function with a distinct curved shape reminiscent of a satellite dish, adds complexity to any space. The parabolic, concave design captures sound waves, creating a more acoustically-balanced space. Photography courtesy of BuzziSpace. 

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