October 1, 2019

These Pedestals Make Office Storage Look Chic

REVI integrates seamlessly into open offices with fully customizable storage options to meet every user’s need. Images courtesy of AMQ. 

The paperless office—though not quite a reality, is closer to becoming one than ever before. Especially given the influx of technology at our fingertips, which makes clunky printers and copy machinesonce office mainstaysappear nearly obsolete. In today’s open offices, employees are encouraged to take advantage of collaborative lounges and sequestered nooks throughout the day, rather than remain at one desk. Paper simply gets in the way.   

But even without stacks of files to organize, storage remains an office necessity. Particularly when it comes to tucking away basic necessities, like backpacks, that when left under or beside desks create clutter and, at times, safety hazards for employees on the move. To combat this issue, AMQ, a leader in open-plan furnishings, perfected a sleek, yet functional storage pedestal with an optional expandable bag drop that fits larger items. 

The many faces of REVI include five pedestal configurations, expandable bag drops, and magnetic seat cushions that allow for 168 possible color combinations that instantly transform REVI into dynamic and vibrant guest seating. Images courtesy of AMQ. 

AMQ’s line of fully customizable REVI storage pedestals fits seamlessly into most modern workspaces, given its clean lines and compact size. Each REVI storage unit offers five customizable styles, making them an ideal addition to touchdown and permanent workstations alike. The pedestals also feature push-to-open drawers with organizational trays to store office supplies and devices, providing an ultra-sleek aesthetic.  

“Traditional file-based systems aren’t as relevant, so we wanted to expand our storage units to support a more modern worker, as well as organizations planning to utilize different types of work spaces.” says Ryan VanderPloeg, product manager at AMQ. “With REVI, even the expandable bag drop is customizable, which adds personality to a space.”  

Pushtoopen drawers with organizational trays offer a contemporary aesthetic and simplify specification for open-office environments. Images courtesy of AMQ. 

REVI also offers the option of adding a removable magnetic seat cushion, which transforms the pedestal into flexible guest seating. Designers can choose from eight colors when customizing the magnetic cushion, including black and shades of gray, as well as a celestial blue, tuscan yellow, deep saffron, and a calming green. The expandable bag drop and body of the unit also can be customized—with seven similar color options for the former and three neutrals for the lattermaking for a multitude of combinations.   

When outfitting a contemporary office, REVI simplifies the process of specification by functioning as a multi-purpose furnishing, which can be used as a personal locker or spare seat. Designers interested in specifying REVI can expect a lead time within five standard business days. Each unit ships fully assembled with the exception of the expandable bag drop, which is an easy add-on feature. 

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