July 1, 2021

This Fitness Studio in Porto, Portugal is Reminiscent of a 70s Disco

The main area is designed to put clients on the spot, much like a dance floor in a 70s disco club. Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. 

In the age of Instagram, a gym is hardly just a place to work out—it’s also an impromptu filming studio for clients clad in athleisure, eager to share their health and wellness journeys with the world. One2One Fitness Studio, which just added a third studio to its hub in Porto, Portugal, is one such locale. For the roughly 1,184-square-foot space, design firm ESQVTA used 70s and 80s pop culture references to create an otherworldly portal that connects the new studio to the two existing ones, along with a central workout area and locker room. Neon lighting, gold lamps, and seemingly endless mirrored surfaces guide clients throughout, offering a glamorous backdrop for cardio or weight training sessions. As for the main workout area, it’s designed to put gym goers in the spotlight. Reminiscent of a 70s dance club, the ceiling installation features 147 LED lights in place of a disco ball. Layers of luxurious materials and neon signage welcome guests to “Club One2One.” The space offers an entirely new kind of gym experience—one that plays up hedonism and vanity, inviting members to go ahead and take a look at their own reflection while also taking a selfie, or two. 

The transition corridor is lined with mirrors and features black floors framed in neon lighting, creating a dark void in a seemingly infinite space. Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. 
Mirrors cover the main walls of the workout areas while side walls are fully lined with brass plates. Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. 
The ceiling installation features 147 LED lights. Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. 
The exterior of One2One Fitness features a neon sign welcoming clients into the club. Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. 

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