August 5, 2021

This Health-Focused Restaurant by Masquespacio Reflects the Local Landscape

The restaurant features custom-made furniture and lighting throughout. Photography by Masquespacio. 

Of all the colors, green—the hue of sprouting seedlings, leafy trees, and soft moss—is especially soothing given its ties to nature. So when tasked with creating a health food restaurant in Huesca, Spain, the team behind local firm Masquespacio incorporated verdant hues throughout, turning to the surrounding landscape for inspiration. The resulting space, Pukkel, offers diners a feast for eyes (and nose) in addition to gastronomic delights given the robust use of local flowers and plants. “After doing a workshop with [restaurant owners] Jorge and Mikel, we immediately proposed to work with 100 percent natural materials and integrate nature into the space,” says Christophe Penasse, co-founder of Masquespacio. To do so, the team incorporated earth tones accented by a touch of gold as well as biomorphic forms and textures—imperfect pathways throughout are meant to mirror those in a forest. “We investigated the province of Huesca and started to discover the beauty of the mountains and parks in its surroundings,” adds Ana Hernández, creative director. “We definitely found the reference we were looking for and that fitted perfectly with the healthy lifestyle concept from Pukkel.”    

The plant and flower selections shift with the seasons. Photography by Masquespacio. 
Terracotta is used in the floors, bars and some of the walls with patterns designed specially by Masquespacio for Pukkel. Photography by Masquespacio. 
The restaurant features nonlinear paths, like those in a forest. Photography by Masquespacio. 
Tiles are by Vincente Camp and the application of rough stucco that makes another reference to the earth and the mountains. Photography by Masquespacio. 

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