June 4, 2021

This Vibrant Home Draws Inspiration from the Memphis Group

a living room with blue coffee tables and a Memphis Group-inspired mural on one wall
The living room features Memphis Group-inspired side tables envisioned by the designer and executed by Wood’n design. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 

Inspired by the asymmetrical shapes and bold colors that the Memphis Group popularized in the 1980s, Ali Baldiwala, founder of his namesake design studio, created a whimsical two-bedroom apartment in South Mumbai. Straying from more traditional design elements, the home serves as a mélange of color, art, and custom furnishings that serve as a foundation for the quirky accents throughout. “A lot of research went into designing the space,” shares Baldiwala, noting that though his team referenced the Memphis movement, the curated designs, including the eye-catching wall murals by ZAworks Design, are completely original. “I love to add maximalism to the spaces by incorporating textures, materials, layering, and themes—masterful infusion to arrive at something entirely new and unique,” he adds.

For the youthful homeowners, the 1,000-square-foot space invites a sense of play while maintaining an air of luxury. From a rare world map puzzle in the kitchen area to a built-in matt blue and red bookcase, the space spotlights color without letting it overwhelm any given room. As Baldiwala points out, each room “tells its own tale,” making for a vibrant and quirky home that maintains an element of sophistication.

in a kitchen, bright blue cabinets match a large world map puzzle on an opposite wall
A world map puzzle covers the wall opposite the pantry, procured from Ukraine. Imagined from longitudes on an actual map, the backdrop for this piece was designed in panel form with sheets of cork board painted in blue to depict the oceans. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 
geometric shapes make up a cabinet next to a large wall mirror in a bedroom
Geometric shapes add intrigue in the main bedroom, which features custom wall-to-wall, color-blocked carpet designed in house and executed by Weaver. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 
a speckled wall in the bathroom plays off the countertop and floor's peachy tile
Terrazo Vitrified tiles by Iris Ceramica compliment the subtle peach tones in the counter and floor tiles by Ceramica Fondovalle in the main bathroom. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 
a bright blue built-in bookshelf filled with trinkets in a Memphis Group-inspired home
When entering the den area, guests encounter a distinctively arched, matte blue library, dotted with books and quirky keepsakes. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 
three pendant lights hang above a room with multi-colored walls
Even the light fixtures, sourced from Channapatna in the Karnataka region of India, feature vivid lacquer shades by lighting designer Arjun Rathi. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 
a wall in the living room boasts a colorful artwork made of geometric shapes
Mumbai-based ZAworks Design created the wall artwork. Photography by Talib Chitalwala, styled by Samir Wadekar. 

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