April 23, 2016

Three Evocatively Edgy Houses Push the Notion of Indoor/Outdoor Living to the Extreme

Three evocatively edgy houses push the notion of indoor/outdoor living to the extreme.

1. Firm: GilBartolomé Architecture.

Location: Granada, Spain.

Standout: Projecting from a cliff, an undulating roof surfaced in hand-fabricated zinc scales is pierced with oculi that overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Firm: HuertaBizarra.

Location: Murcia, Spain.

Standout: Resembling the legs of a caterpillar, 18 coated steel stilts lift a boxy residence—with cantilevers galore—in pine and lime methacrylate.

3. Firm: Studio MK27.

Location: Guarujá, Brazil.

Standout: A pair of chaise longues perched on pine decking amidst a green roof reflect this retreat’s location within a dense forest.

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