November 2, 2019

Three Studios Interprets Rococo Masterpiece for Ayla Boutique in Lebanon

A custom bench has chamfered French oak legs and a seat in grey textured fabric. Photography by Geraldine Bruneel.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s 1767 “The Swing” is a Rococo masterpiece that not only pushed the boundaries of propriety but, some 250 years later, continues to inspire designers like Nabil Dbouk and Ali Basma of the Lebanese firm Three Studios. The pair looked back to the painting—and to a passion for pastels in the early 20th century—for the interiors of Ayla, a women and children’s apparel store in Tyre, a seaside city in southern Lebanon.

Clothing swings on copper pipe fixtures, which shine amid marble upstands for accessories. Arched openings mark dressing rooms and service areas. Both the ground floor and upstairs children’s area are visible through the double-height glass façade of white tile leading into pale green walls, which, notes Dbouk, “presents the highlight of the project through creating a transition in scale, color, and material clearly defining the main zones of the store.”

Hanging displays for the apparel are custom made of copper piping. Photography by Geraldine Bruneel.

That highlight she mentioned? A mannequin on a swing of her own—here custom made of square steel pipes with a seat of laser-cut steel plate with chamfered corners.

Floors and walls of the front display window are tiled in squares by Baldocer through Arcom Group. Photography by Geraldine Bruneel.
Custom benches of white Silestone quartz sit upon terrazzo tiles custom colored in a blend of green pigment and white marble aggregates. Photography by Geraldine Bruneel.
The fitting room features a pouf covered in pink velvet alongside burnt-orange velvet curtains, both by Warde, behind the white Silestone quartz cashwrap. Photography by Geraldine Bruneel.
The mezzanine’s handrail is white powdercoated steel; the fixtures are by ASTRO Lighting UK. Photography by Geraldine Bruneel.

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